Take your guests back in time, put them underwater or shoot them off into space with the magic of green screen photography.

Guests attending your event are treated to an unforgettable experience when photographed with our unique and interactive Green Screen Photography technology. Photographs taken are instantly superimposed into fun and exciting backgrounds that have been customised to correspond to the theme of the event or your company brand.

The ability to put guests into a fantasy image produces the most unique keepsake available today, ensuring your sales message and branding are retained long after the event is over.

pop up green screen studio is a perfect addition to any party or celebration; fun for people of all ages. Guests step on to the green screen and are instantly delivered into another scenario with a click of a button.

Fun and interactive Green screen photography is our specialty. Our pop up studio with green screen backdrop provides guests with a unique experience at all types of events.
 Utilised as a fun and interactive way for consumers to engage with your brand or as added entertainment at your private or special event. The ability to superimpose guests into custom designed backgrounds produces the most unique keepsake available, ensuring your brand and identity are retained long after the initial impression.

Suitable for all types of events, product promotion, brand awareness, magazine covers and exhibition booths. We produce customised designed backgrounds and photographs can be printed on site within seconds.


How it works

  1. Step in front of the green screen
  2. Press a magic button
  3. Print comes out!



We have a selection of themes to suit your event, otherwise we can help you create one.

Toys R Us Transformers Green Screen
Toys R Us Transformers Green Screen
IGA Hawaiin Theme
IGA Hawaiin Theme
Quiksilver Blue Screen Photography
Quiksilver Blue Screen Photography



Q: Where do we cover?
A: Australia-wide and we can do International.

Q: How much space is needed?
A: For photo pop up we need 3x3m, but can be smaller if required.

Q: Can I use my own backdrops?
A: Yes as long as you have the rights or ownership.

Q: Can I provide my own props?
A: Yes


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